Spaced repetition – a learning method made for mobile.

Achieve uses spaced repetition to help you train learners. Spaced repetition, developed by Harvard University, is proven to increase knowledge by 50% and strengthen retention by up to two years. Feedback has been extremely positive about the effectiveness of this method when used in Achieve programs.

Great with microlearning

Spaced repetition fits perfectly with Achieve’s microlearning format, as any concepts learners find difficult can be easily repeated or revised at a later date. This again sets Achieve apart from traditional learning. Without microlearning, spaced repetition would be almost impossible to implement.

We manage it for you

Achieve works behind the scenes to know when to reiterate your content. It looks at how users are doing within lessons, as well as factoring in the weighted importance of your content to decide what comes next. Your learners will automatically receive the optimal learning tailored to their individual needs, so you don’t have to worry about the details.