What is Mobile Learning?

Take your training and development further with a platform designed specifically for mobile Microlearning.

Employees spend a higher proportion of their time on a phone, over PC. When asked, most millennials say their smartphone never leaves their side. Companies are looking for a training system to meet this change toward mobile preference, and Achieve’s mobile platform is here to help.

Why use a mobile-first learning platform

Using Achieve’s mobile platform is more than just moving away from computers.

It’s a mobile training platform that uses smartphone app technology to provide more freedom than desktop eLearning.

It’s also using advanced device features to make learning activities motivational and naturally enjoyable to them. Motivate through progression and achievement directly to learners for their hard work.

Achieve is accessed using Android and Apple devices. It’s also accessible on any modern web browser, giving you total flexibility when it comes to lesson delivery.

Daily notifications

Achieve Micro lessons are hosted on the internet and can be downloaded straight to users’ smartphones when required. Learners also receive notifications, so they can quickly  access new lesson content.

Notifications allow learners to dive straight into courseware.

Push notifications remind your learners about what’s required of them, and then work to motivate them towards completion.

But don’t worry – we’ll only send notifications to learners  when they have unseen lessons or completions due.

Your learning is always up‑to‑date

Achieve’s rapid authoring tools, ensure a smooth, speedy roll out. Designers can deliver new information as soon as it becomes available. Pre-set programs can be altered in minutes.

Say goodbye to months-long eLearning development processes – with Achieve’s rapid authoring tools. Just because it’s fast doesn’t make it bare bones – Achieve features a rich array of learning activities.

Achieve helps designers update courses with new information in minutes, not days. Absolutely no coding or any other complex concepts is required, saving you time, money and stress.

Rise of millennials in the workplace

Smartphone market penetration is strongest among millennials, an age group that is rapidly moving into the workplace. By implementing Achieve for your employees, your learning processes will be agile and well suited to this new generation, giving them a familiar delivery mechanism that they will appreciate and actually want to use.

Content is delivered directly into learners’ pockets, with smartphone-friendly interactions that millennial learners intuitively know how to use. Achieve helps train your millennial employees using technology with which they’re familiar and will empower your employees to become the leaders, managers and decision-makers of the future.

Eliminate training as a reason for employee turnover – make your training easy, accessible and compatible with modern smartphones and tablets. Your employees will enjoy the process so much that they will actually want to complete each module – it’s a win/win situation.

By your side, from day one

By your side, from day one

Achieve encourages on-boarding an employee from the day they signup, not the day they turn up!
Successful onboarding can begin in the recruitment phase in order to ensure your prospective employee understands your company before they join.

Experienced employees also benefit with product, process and service training that keeps in step with your constantly-evolving marketplace. Your team are able to learn, review and become more competent as sales associates with just a few taps each day. Employees will constantly be empowered to improve, even when they’re not at their posts.

Achieve’s light gamification helps employees at all levels to progress. Your learners’ recognition of their own self-progress is intrinsically motivating – their own success means a lot to them.

Simple to manage mobile learning

Managers can view progress from the web-based analytics portal, including detailed data delivering the information that they need to encourage and motivate their team. Achieve is a holistic learning and development solution that leads to a learning-driven work culture.

Delivering an intuitive, mobile-focused suite of lessons straight to your learners’ devices ensures that they will want to complete their training. Notifications are sent to learners through timed and spaced programs, or whenever new content is available.

Lessons can also be repeated over time, harnessing the proven methodology of Spaced Repetition. Achieve ‘Boosters’ get your learners regularly recalling and reflecting on what they learned.

Responsive mobile design

All learning content created with Achieve works on mobiles, tablet devices, desktop browsers, and anything in between. Achieve has done all of the design work so that lessons respond and adapt to any screen. Easy, seamless, done.

Achieve considers mobile learning to include a) different mobile devices and b) learning on the move, in different circumstances throughout the day. In this way, Achieve supports starting a learning task on one device and completing it on another.

Our Authoring tools are compatible with modern web browsers and tablets, and they are built to work on the go – you can create rich, dynamic lessons and programs without installing any additional software.

Rich media

Take full advantage of smartphone technology in order to deliver amazing experiences that use rich media content. Unlike ALL other learning platforms, Achieve can provide micro lessons, and work apps for performance.

Our Business Impact Dashboard is new reporting technology that blends learning and performance to show and compare how this education impacts the business.

Multimedia content can also be used to show off your latest products and/or display correct procedures. However, with Achieve you can engage your learners with more than just text and images – it can help you to create interactive video challenges for your learners so that they can gain even more from their eLearning experience, and it couldn’t be simpler to upload. Just drag and drop your interactive elements into the authoring tool, and we’ll take care of the rest.

A mobile learning-driven work culture

Achieve helps you establish a work culture that places a priority on consistent improvements. The ever-increasing number of millennial employees is establishing an ever-increasing need for agile learning and development tools.

Achieve’s engaging and simple-to-use platform will foster motivation for your staff to increase their competencies and overall performance.

Achieve takes care of the training management and reminders so that you don’t have to. We help you to take advantage of advanced learning features so that you can engage and develop your workforce like never before.