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Everything in one platform

Our dynamic Learning Campaign platform sets a new standard in mobile learning agility.

It extends far beyond campaigns full of timed, spaced, learning opportunities, putting the content directly into the hands of employees and making Achieve the definitive mobile learning platform.

Build skills through Microlearning

Our authoring tools enable all lessons and activity types to be easily built within the microlearning paradigm. In turn, this encourages your learners to implement their new knowledge almost immediately.

We deliver meaningful content in ‘micro lessons’ that are between 5-12 minutes in length. Highly effective when combined with timed delivery on a smartphone, micro lessons enable your learners to engage with the content at a time and place convenient for them.

Mobile-First Learning Campaign Platform

Our Microlearning is designed and fully optimised for the mobile workplace, and works seamlessly on mobiles, laptops and desktops.

All micro lessons are delivered simply and easily using push notifications, and are released according to a bespoke program frequency that suits your specific needs.

This means that users are never bombarded with messages (that they learn to tune out and ignore), as notifications are only sent when “New or Due.’

Show me the Business Impact!

As with any business activity, if a training method is not producing trackable business results, your organisation needs to rethink its course of action. If you are only measuring training data, you have no way to gauge business impact.

This is why the Achieve system includes a Business Impact Dashboard. This dashboard brings together training, work metrics and business performance data in order to make comparing group, department and organisation performance a breeze. Best of all? It is fully automated, so it takes no effort on your side.

Our simple-to-use Dashboard offers world-class analytics, tracking and insight..

Content Authoring

Our Mobile platform offers the latest powerful teaching technologies, including fully interactive and immersive video experiences designed to challenge and engage your learners.

No developer, no code, no complexity. Just add your custom content, choose your delivery options, and you’re ready to go!

Our library of activities includes interactive video, quizzes and games, scenario-challenges, surveys, links to the internet and informative PDFs, all ready to combine with your unique content to engage your learners.

Personalised Interaction

You can fully personalise activities for a truly immersive learning experience designed to to excite and engage your learners.

Many of our activities are adaptive. This means that the activities themselves alter the learning experience to better suit a specific learner’s behaviour and existing knowledge. For example, videos include the users’ names and their current scores, and then present remedial path suggestions when the platform determines that additional support could be beneficial.


Artificial Intelligence benefits

Best of all? The Achieve platform is now Artificially Intelligent. Our new Memory-Tune feature helps learners wherever and whenever it could be beneficial to the organisation. When Memory-Tune determines that a learner requires assistance on their path to competency, it seamlessly adjusts the learning campaign.

Alternatively, when a learner displays significant prior knowledge of a topic; the learning campaign is then automatically and seamlessly streamlined by Memory-tune. This automatically removes training time and effort with no administrative effort on your side.

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